A time to remember, recollect, rejoice and reaffirm

My Dad with my niece Sheeba and my grand-nephew Shaun (Sheena & Simon’s eldest son and me at my sister’s home with my Mom’s photo behind)

So grateful to God for my Dad
Although in tears, I am so glad
For all that he always was for all
Ever faithful to God’s tender call

He lived for others, full of love
Cared for others much, to the core
Witnessed God’s Love ‘here & now’
Stretching out to all at his door

He taught us how to sing and pray
He taught us how to live each day
He taught us how to love people
We can proclaim from any steeple

He taught us how to respect all
Irrespective of one’s social ID
How to help others if they fall
Never to be missing but be ready

I thank God now and always
For giving us a father like him
One who loved Christ and others
As his own sisters and brothers

Every cell in my body thanks him
Every cell in body dearly loves him
Every cell in my body praises him
And this is what I wish to tell him

Daddy, we remember you everyday
No day passes by when we cannot
We see you in our life – every way
For we remember what you taught

You have lived a noble life for many
People remember you for your love
For your humour – being so funny
For your discipline, with love we bow

Daddy, your questions scared many
Related to truth, faith and sin
Some hated you for being so genuine
But it didn’t bother you a penny

You stood out for what you believed
You bowed down to serve the poor
You could never be content, relieved
To say ‘No’ to anyone at your door

Today we think about love and care
Even as you are very happy there
I know that God will be so pleased too
Among the many billions, to have YOU

– Elizabeth Joy
8th Aug 2015


About elizabethjoy237

I am a research post graduate Student at King's College, London. I have served Council for World Mission (CWM) as the Executive Secretary for Mission Education from October 2002 until January 2011. I have also served the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI) as its first Woman General Secretary from July 2000 until September 2002.
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